Winchester Gallery!

I adore the Winchester and its family!  The atmosphere here is a much desired space in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village.  The clean white brick is an artists dream wall.  The owners vision for the place has definitely payed off, its beautiful.  If you haven’t explored it please do. If your looking for food, drink, atmosphere and patio”Winchester has it”!  Oh and the even more reason to go is to check out my work admire and buy something.  

Here are some pieces for sale:

This window is a rare gem.  It is from the neighborhood so how appropriate that it is to live at Winchester for now.  It has rare details that are part of history you won’t get everywhere.  


From one of the original series this creature is part of the bitch gives back series and yes bringing a new form to bossy leader, be who you want to become mentality.  It’s your choice.  Really to evoke the sass.


Dark desert night


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Thanks again!  

Jesy Grose