Next best things

Who see’s next best thing?  Art or travel?  Life or Death?  Planet or no planet?  I am at a stand still and stating my default of being a glazed donut waiting to be eaten.  When in reality if I don’t connect reach out and ask for help and give help my deliscious glazed self won’t make a difference wheather I am chocolate or not.  My favorite donut since I was little has always been the Chocolate chocolate donut and my favorite Ice cream is Pistacio almond.  I just resently decided that I don’t like chewing my shakes so rasberries didn’t make the cut.  I am an artist who used to say I like everything which is simply not the case.  Even when it comes to art.  I have a preference.  I am inspired by texture.  Dirt, glitter, rocks, fabric, textiles, smooth, rough, media, depth, old growth forests, desert, plants  animals…… 

Social media helps and I am getting used to the idea of connection even when I am not face to face.  I can make face to face happen. Exciting!!!!  What is my next move?  How do I make it?  Where is the exchange or the pay off?  

I will always be a traveler an artist, a chocolate chocolate donut lover with a life to live.  Image