Art at Star Lounge

For the next month star Lounge will have my work up.  If you have any inquires contact me at   

Star is a rare Gem of Ukrainian Village.  My favorite coffee shop in Chicago.  Also showing different artist once a month.  Shout out to Carter-Bob and Blu for making this happen.  Special thanks to Dark Matter for all their hard work and Dank coffe.  Seriously love you all.  

When I’ve worked all day and need an extra Dank coffee.  DM pulls through and I manage to get the work done I really cherish.  Painting on glass!

Love you guys


rainbows can be black.

I have been making and selling my original art work for years.  Maybe considered one of the savvy.  Painting on glass is a gift, a talent and my heart.  The colors transform into a wonderlust of life inside the box. 

 My mother always said don’t let anyone paint your rainbow black.  You are you.  I took that as an invitation to create the unseen.  Creature’s that only existed in my mind.  Or so I thought.  Taking this reality of mine into others realities. 

I was a witchy little kid.  Getting in fights and if I I didn’t like something or someone they would know it.  Head strong and what can I say pissed off.  I would hear those princess stories as threats.  I was a princess once for Halloween because that’s what I thought little girls had to be.  When in all honesty I wanted to be the Ninja Turtle.  

I liked roaming the fields behind the house to the retention pounds.  Mesmerized by the life there and getting dirty.  My brother and I would play til the cows came home.  Which often meant due back by sun down. Dirty as. 

This is what fills my memories for art to be made.  I am one with a photographic memory of sorts. It stays.  I remember! But it’s not a pitching match.  I’m getting over the better than boys thing and it’s a process.  Thanks for listening;)

Make your mark.

Tomorrow I…Jesy g will be hanging out and showing New Work at Cellar Door Salon to celebrate their six months of open doors. The staff is sweet spirited, beautiful and welcoming. They also made the conscience choice to be Eco-friendly. Come check out Magical Art and celebrate with us. Cellar Door is located 1905 n Milwaukee ave Chicago il


Sold art in Chicago

What art scene isn’t saturated with the profound and the un profound? The dirty grit and the clean sharp shooters. Chicago’s streets are collecting massive hugs and kisses from our active street artist (beat street) anyone? Anyone could attempt to make a name for themselves, but really what is our message.
The Cultural Center down town Chicago even had a collaborative with main names such as penny pinch and glass cuisine, merely to mention some. What is the summer of 2014 going to look like in terms of art here in the city? those who come and go as nomads may never stop. A guess is they can’t handle the brutal winters that force a lot of people to come and go. The melting pit if Chicago prevails. Where the true and gritty chicago artists stand is the question. I know Tony Fitzpatrick one of my art hero’s is here and some others such as Ben Ezra who is another one of my favorites attached to Dark Matter coffee. They be stamping out in the US more than ever in the next couple years.

This alley needs some work