Warrior Dog 

I adore the stretch of home I make in Chicago.  What’s your name?  Where do you come from? What’s your idea of home and how do you learn & grow in life.  I use to hate the phrase an old boyfriend would say to me “I love what you can become”.  What about me now I thought?!  Now I come to believe I change into so many different things in my life.  The beauty of mistakes even take the form of beautiful rather than horrid times of hiding.  I step out deeper this year and the rest of my life.  I love what I can become.  Like it or not I’m taking it on in a different way than ever.  

Make your mark.

Tomorrow I…Jesy g will be hanging out and showing New Work at Cellar Door Salon to celebrate their six months of open doors. The staff is sweet spirited, beautiful and welcoming. They also made the conscience choice to be Eco-friendly. Come check out Magical Art and celebrate with us. Cellar Door is located 1905 n Milwaukee ave Chicago il