Dino Bolo by Jesy G

Installation at Positive Space Studio

I wanted to have more fun making an art piece that a lot of people can relate to. Hence dinosaurs. They’re all different none are the same.

You put one around your next and feel special one of a kind yourself. I love these bolos ♥️

Love ❤️ Jesy Grose

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My new website is up! 

Putting up new work online is vulnerable.  It’s like emerging from a larvae to a cocoon.  Art has many transitions to becoming.  I think the beauty of being an artist is the freedom to express and reinvent.  Push the buttons and extend the heart to be seen.  


Karmic Upheaval

Friday the 13th is a magical day and number.  Somehow the attraction to something others are afraid gives me this sense of ohhhh ahhhh.  Naughty girl!  Although digging deeper into the real meaning of Friday the thirteenth why does it have this power over the western culture.  Freyja a goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr, war, and death. The number 13 is considered sacred.  


Join Jesy G and 4 other female artists for “karmic upheaval”!  Ancien is a local bike shop accross from “woman made gallery” on Milwaukee Ave.  Chicago IL! We will have music and drinks available along with Art for sale.  Come experience a group of delightful women and their creation.

Acrylic and marker on paper

By Jesy G

Painting on canvas

By Sarah Braden 

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Karmic Upheaval

Art at Star Lounge

For the next month star Lounge will have my work up.  If you have any inquires contact me at jesygrose@gmail.com.   

Star is a rare Gem of Ukrainian Village.  My favorite coffee shop in Chicago.  Also showing different artist once a month.  Shout out to Carter-Bob and Blu for making this happen.  Special thanks to Dark Matter for all their hard work and Dank coffe.  Seriously love you all.  

When I’ve worked all day and need an extra Dank coffee.  DM pulls through and I manage to get the work done I really cherish.  Painting on glass!

Love you guys


In House Holiday Bizarre 

Holidays are among us and if there is a original item your looking  to get a loved one In House is the place.  I’ll be selling some originals and some stuff in the 50$ range.    Also don’t forget to come wearing your most hideous holiday sweater.  I know I’ll be there in mine.


James Brown loved Christmas so much he even died on Christmas.  So let’s make him proud.  


Show @ R Mona 

Show tonight come check out my new work @ R-Mona in Pilsen 1724 S Racine.

Bands will play around 8:30

-Espy smoker

-The Singleman affair

-Velvet Antlers

Come one come all
Special thanks to 

Joe Black

George Miller

Stephen Smoker

Joe with R Mona

And all my friends and family

New work

Sacred faces 

A new series I’m working on and excited to share my new work with everyone.  I’m looking for galleries and artists to work with.  The new studio is coming together with the printing press under construction and an amazing round of events we are producing.  I have a feeling this year is starting off to be more of a generative year than the rest.  Chicago I adore you!