Art at Star Lounge

For the next month star Lounge will have my work up.  If you have any inquires contact me at   

Star is a rare Gem of Ukrainian Village.  My favorite coffee shop in Chicago.  Also showing different artist once a month.  Shout out to Carter-Bob and Blu for making this happen.  Special thanks to Dark Matter for all their hard work and Dank coffe.  Seriously love you all.  

When I’ve worked all day and need an extra Dank coffee.  DM pulls through and I manage to get the work done I really cherish.  Painting on glass!

Love you guys


Next best things

Who see’s next best thing?  Art or travel?  Life or Death?  Planet or no planet?  I am at a stand still and stating my default of being a glazed donut waiting to be eaten.  When in reality if I don’t connect reach out and ask for help and give help my deliscious glazed self won’t make a difference wheather I am chocolate or not.  My favorite donut since I was little has always been the Chocolate chocolate donut and my favorite Ice cream is Pistacio almond.  I just resently decided that I don’t like chewing my shakes so rasberries didn’t make the cut.  I am an artist who used to say I like everything which is simply not the case.  Even when it comes to art.  I have a preference.  I am inspired by texture.  Dirt, glitter, rocks, fabric, textiles, smooth, rough, media, depth, old growth forests, desert, plants  animals…… 

Social media helps and I am getting used to the idea of connection even when I am not face to face.  I can make face to face happen. Exciting!!!!  What is my next move?  How do I make it?  Where is the exchange or the pay off?  

I will always be a traveler an artist, a chocolate chocolate donut lover with a life to live.  Image