Pinky Swear Series

Hi friends,

Been sober now for 15 months.  I can say it has its perks.  I don’t wake up in the bathtub wondering what I made myself the night before.  I have on the other hand gravitated towards different things.  Like being an adult who pays their bills on time.  Studio time and work.  I’m still that Pippy Long Stockings type, rough around the edges don’t forget with sauce on the side.   I have grown a tougher calis through the years but I realize that maybe the more I see the truth in things even though as harsh as it may be I can start to grow in a different way then just push others towards the door.  Being vulnerable is scary.  Like I’d rather hide scary.  I’d rather Play with fire, spiders, lions and snakes than be vulnerable.  

I am going to start by asking different questions to change my beliefs about the world.  Questions that create vision and support to others.  Working on me being more aware and asking people in a the moment instead of thinking about it.  Get messy in 2017. 

 Grandpa Grose was a cussing sailor whose favorite swear word was you fumble finger cock sucker. He would cuss and swear up a storm making his war models. I can’t say I entirely want to be more like him but I want to test out his roughness.  He was a World War 2 vet.  He managed the men of men he had to be tough.  If you weren’t a brute you weren’t really a man.  He learned a lot in 4 years than a man could learn in a life time.  

 See he was 6ft 4 maybe 5 but to me he was a giant.  His hands were huge.  So how in the hell did he make these models by hand many from scratch. The tiny little pieces the size of my 5 year old pinky nail.  A real creative go for it kind of man.  He has models he’s made across the country in museums. Crass & ballsy the type they don’t make anymore.  
Jesy g 

Karmic Upheaval

Friday the 13th is a magical day and number.  Somehow the attraction to something others are afraid gives me this sense of ohhhh ahhhh.  Naughty girl!  Although digging deeper into the real meaning of Friday the thirteenth why does it have this power over the western culture.  Freyja a goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr, war, and death. The number 13 is considered sacred.  


Join Jesy G and 4 other female artists for “karmic upheaval”!  Ancien is a local bike shop accross from “woman made gallery” on Milwaukee Ave.  Chicago IL! We will have music and drinks available along with Art for sale.  Come experience a group of delightful women and their creation.

Acrylic and marker on paper

By Jesy G

Painting on canvas

By Sarah Braden 

Click link below for more info!

Karmic Upheaval

Art at Star Lounge

For the next month star Lounge will have my work up.  If you have any inquires contact me at   

Star is a rare Gem of Ukrainian Village.  My favorite coffee shop in Chicago.  Also showing different artist once a month.  Shout out to Carter-Bob and Blu for making this happen.  Special thanks to Dark Matter for all their hard work and Dank coffe.  Seriously love you all.  

When I’ve worked all day and need an extra Dank coffee.  DM pulls through and I manage to get the work done I really cherish.  Painting on glass!

Love you guys


In House Holiday Bizarre 

Holidays are among us and if there is a original item your looking  to get a loved one In House is the place.  I’ll be selling some originals and some stuff in the 50$ range.    Also don’t forget to come wearing your most hideous holiday sweater.  I know I’ll be there in mine.


James Brown loved Christmas so much he even died on Christmas.  So let’s make him proud.  


Show @ R Mona 

Show tonight come check out my new work @ R-Mona in Pilsen 1724 S Racine.

Bands will play around 8:30

-Espy smoker

-The Singleman affair

-Velvet Antlers

Come one come all
Special thanks to 

Joe Black

George Miller

Stephen Smoker

Joe with R Mona

And all my friends and family

New Work @Bite Cafe Chicago 

Sick Fisher 

Sick Fisher was born Joseph Nicholas Fisher in 1985 in Weymouth, Massachusetts but raised in Sebastian, Florida. After graduating from The Florida State University in 2008, he moved to Chicago in 2009 to continue work as an artist. Sick Fisher works in large and small scale murals as well as on a variety of smaller surfaces that include canvas, paper, wood, plastic, metal, brick, and glass. Several public pieces can be found in the Humboldt Park, Logan Square, and Rogers Park neighborhoods of Chicago, IL. 

Check out: Sicks Site
Come check out Sicks Art 

@Bite Cafe on 1039 N. Western Ave. 

Chicago IL,

Work is for SALE!


“I GROW” Fundraiser

What? West Loop Supports West Englewood Fundraiser

When? Saturday, August 13, 2016 12pm-6pm

Where? Sat Nam Yoga Chicago, 1304 W. Washington Blvd.

Who? You, Artists, Restaurants, Sat Nam Yoga Chicago, and All Your Favorite West Loop Digs!

Come together to support our neighbors under the sun, with music, food, drinks and the collective goodness of humanity.

Join us for a beautiful summer afternoon of gathering with neighbors for a cause that hits home. The event will benefit the I Grow Chicago Peace House located at 6402 Honore in West Englewood. Our mission is to provide a safe, inter-generational haven to children and at-risk community members. Through sustainable farming and educational programs in nutrition, movement, yoga and the arts, we foster creativity, wellness and empowerment for individuals in the community as a whole. Located just minutes south of the prosperous west loop it is no secret that our neighbors in West Englewood live in a place far removed, where crime and violence is all too common. Your donations will fund our 2016 Fall Programming- providing children a supervised and safe place to play outside, breakfast and lunch, yoga, and the arts. As well as day care to support working parents.
Last year, through generous donations and volunteers the I Grow Peace House was able to provide:

• Kids Summer Camp (included: yoga, mindfulness teachings, games, gardening, breakfast and lunch)

• One Summer Plus Camp for at risk youth (included: yoga, life skills lasses, urban farming)

• 2 fieldtrips took many people out of the neighborhood for a fun day at the Zoo.

• 258 kids ages 14-20 were mentored through Yoga

• Afterschool Programming and Tutoring

• 160 Thanksgiving Turkeys

• 100 Pre-cooked Meals

• 330 Children, 64 families were sponsored at the Holiday Gift Drive-empowering •parents to give gifts to their children.

• Job placement assistance- business attire, mock interviews and informational classes were provided.

• Women’s Yoga

• Laundry machine usage

• Community Dispensary
We are currently touching the lives of 300+ kids per week

. We hope that you are able to take an active part in providing resources, much needed love and awareness to this cause. Join us and support the great work that is being done and help the residents of West Englewood create a sustainable community.

I Grow Chicago is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed for exclusively charitable and educational purposes.

We thank all of you in advance for your generosity and participation!

Event Schedule 12:00-6:00pm

12:00-12:30pm Introduction to I Grow Chicago NFP. Meet our crew

12:30pm-4:30pm Silent Auction Table Open – Let the bidding begin!

4:30pm Bidding ends

5:00-6:00pm Payments collected and distribution of winnings

5:00-6:00pm Socialize, meet your neighbors, dance, eat and drink in Sat Nam’s private garden courtyard.


List Supporting Businesses and Artist updated daily!

Bar Más | 800 W Washington Blvd

Beauty Mark Salon | 1141 W. Madison

Bellicon | 661 W. Lake St.

Chicago Botanical Gardens | 1000 Lake Cook Rd, Glencoe | Full Day Family Pass (4)

Carnivale Chicago | 702 W. Fulton

Eat Purely | 453 Elizabeth St.

Gino’s East | 2801 N Lincoln Ave

Grange Hall Burger Bar | 844 W Randolph St.

Green Home Chicago | 213 N. Morgan Street #1D

Hello Tacos! De Cero | 816 West Randolph St.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago | 1147 W Jackson Blvd

Infiniteus Rocks & Juice | 1644 W North Ave

Local Artist Jesy Grose

Local Artist Ryan Blume

Local Artist Abbey Denlinger

Local Artist Amanda Gentry

Wishbone |1001 W Washington Blvd

The National Hellenic Museum | 333 S Halsted St

Astrology Reading with healer, Damian Perez

Energy Balancing Session with healer, Jo Becker

Private Gong Resonance Therapy Session with healer, Mason Pain

Myofascial Release Therapy Session with healer, Shaun Gary

Reiki & Crystal Healing with Master Reiki healer, Jerry Mikutis

Reiki Session with healer, Sarah Palmer

Reiki Session with healer, Elijah Muhammad

Chelation Therapy with healer, Venus Sabay

Clairvoyant Reading with healer, Sava Wolf

Nutrition Consultation with healer, AJ Connors

Tarot Reading with healer, Laura Gonzalez

Please support these consciousness businesses that give back to the community!

About Us: