New work

Sacred faces 

A new series I’m working on and excited to share my new work with everyone.  I’m looking for galleries and artists to work with.  The new studio is coming together with the printing press under construction and an amazing round of events we are producing.  I have a feeling this year is starting off to be more of a generative year than the rest.  Chicago I adore you!

rainbows can be black.

I have been making and selling my original art work for years.  Maybe considered one of the savvy.  Painting on glass is a gift, a talent and my heart.  The colors transform into a wonderlust of life inside the box. 

 My mother always said don’t let anyone paint your rainbow black.  You are you.  I took that as an invitation to create the unseen.  Creature’s that only existed in my mind.  Or so I thought.  Taking this reality of mine into others realities. 

I was a witchy little kid.  Getting in fights and if I I didn’t like something or someone they would know it.  Head strong and what can I say pissed off.  I would hear those princess stories as threats.  I was a princess once for Halloween because that’s what I thought little girls had to be.  When in all honesty I wanted to be the Ninja Turtle.  

I liked roaming the fields behind the house to the retention pounds.  Mesmerized by the life there and getting dirty.  My brother and I would play til the cows came home.  Which often meant due back by sun down. Dirty as. 

This is what fills my memories for art to be made.  I am one with a photographic memory of sorts. It stays.  I remember! But it’s not a pitching match.  I’m getting over the better than boys thing and it’s a process.  Thanks for listening;)