In House Holiday Bizarre 

Holidays are among us and if there is a original item your looking  to get a loved one In House is the place.  I’ll be selling some originals and some stuff in the 50$ range.    Also don’t forget to come wearing your most hideous holiday sweater.  I know I’ll be there in mine.


James Brown loved Christmas so much he even died on Christmas.  So let’s make him proud.  


V and politics 

I am moved by this years election by so many things.  Ultimately I am stimulated by feminist action.  I am looking at deeper ways I haven’t showed up fully as myself let alone show up as a powerful woman in this world.  I have historically played small and stayed still at times out of fear.  I have also fought for what I believe in and am still grasping what this next 4 years will look like as a woman if I stand still.  It’s a rise for justice not only for Women but for many. If I see a hate Crime Then I will record and report.  I will also do my best to step in with courage.  If I see something that hurts me then I will speak up.  If I am moved by something inspiring then I with say hell yeah!!! Its My Choice to Do or Stand Still!

With this political charge I can’t seem to stop drawing Vagina’s. 

 Yep that’s right Vagina’s.  With this election I found myself unconsciously wanting to draw them.  I was like shit I’m drawing Vaginas.   Drawing them in all shapes and sizes. Plus all the colors on the color wheel.  It’s a reflection of life and how different but yet still the same.  I think of it as an ultimate love of self and self expression.  As Women we create life.  Vaginas are open and creation happens to come from there.  So I am going to create as a woman who will do my damnedest to love and laugh and cry and scream and shout! Using all my self expression.  

As Feminist Woman I have much to learn.  Tap into my human potential and keep on doing it. 

 I wear a “safety pin” because I believe in the safety of fellow humans no matter what gender they like or the color of their skin or spiritual beliefs.  I am a fighter.  I Stand For Justice!  I Am Woman!  RARW!!!

R Mona 

Had such a great show at R Mona!

Set up a studio visit with me if interested!

 Triangle of Life
33×42 in


Playing out

32×42 in


Regal Foe



Faces in the glass # 1



Planets part 1 

64×58 in


Planets part 2 

64×58 in


Faces in the glass part 2 

64×58 in 


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Show @ R Mona 

Show tonight come check out my new work @ R-Mona in Pilsen 1724 S Racine.

Bands will play around 8:30

-Espy smoker

-The Singleman affair

-Velvet Antlers

Come one come all
Special thanks to 

Joe Black

George Miller

Stephen Smoker

Joe with R Mona

And all my friends and family

New Work @Bite Cafe Chicago 

Sick Fisher 

Sick Fisher was born Joseph Nicholas Fisher in 1985 in Weymouth, Massachusetts but raised in Sebastian, Florida. After graduating from The Florida State University in 2008, he moved to Chicago in 2009 to continue work as an artist. Sick Fisher works in large and small scale murals as well as on a variety of smaller surfaces that include canvas, paper, wood, plastic, metal, brick, and glass. Several public pieces can be found in the Humboldt Park, Logan Square, and Rogers Park neighborhoods of Chicago, IL. 

Check out: Sicks Site
Come check out Sicks Art 

@Bite Cafe on 1039 N. Western Ave. 

Chicago IL,

Work is for SALE!