In House Holiday Bizarre 

Holidays are among us and if there is a original item your looking  to get a loved one In House is the place.  I’ll be selling some originals and some stuff in the 50$ range.    Also don’t forget to come wearing your most hideous holiday sweater.  I know I’ll be there in mine.


James Brown loved Christmas so much he even died on Christmas.  So let’s make him proud.  


Abstract as whack is transforming my ways of sharing art!

I Have been painting on glass for over a decade.  It’s transformed my life and I have a talent a gift a passion.  A hard up @&$%ing boner for it.  A artist that keeps on working to mastery.  Pain is beauty!  

Chicago summers

Time to call upon the wild gurus, sages, seeks, the divine, crystal healers, wild clown performers, artists, all happy and sad. Wolf parade is playing off in the distance as I enjoy my favorite Chicago coffee at my favorite community coffee shop “Star Lounge”. The breeze is subtle and it’s over cast. I am feeling from the weekend and speaking my truths. I am more in my body and with my emotions.

Oh Chicago summer how I love you,
city of grit and play. You have stamps of change slipping through your cracks like old laugh lines. We shall play…Old and new, shifty and taught. Being our best. We shall learn and grow or die to the stiff edges of this cities thick skin.. Dancing is in the mix as I shake into the full moon I will shake my ass as I watch an amazing band perform their rituals. Oh Chicago city of gritty fuzzy hearts


Make your mark.

Tomorrow I…Jesy g will be hanging out and showing New Work at Cellar Door Salon to celebrate their six months of open doors. The staff is sweet spirited, beautiful and welcoming. They also made the conscience choice to be Eco-friendly. Come check out Magical Art and celebrate with us. Cellar Door is located 1905 n Milwaukee ave Chicago il