“Art Babble”SOLD PIECES 


“City my chaos”                                                          SOLD

Long time roots, growing from the grit 

“Space Jelly’s”                                                            .  Sold


Band aids on Jelly’s in the sky is a way to emulate pain 

“Part time cloud tamer”                                          SOLD


Part time cloud maker 

“The Ritual”                                               $ SOLD


Part time night stalkeR

“Beyond the Yellow Sea”                           sold 


 sea creature

Wise one”                                                       SOLD

Silver Fox AKA” ziggurat” AKA “DAVID BOWIE”


5 thoughts on ““Art Babble”SOLD PIECES 

  1. I love your artwork. I was at Bite this morning and really loved the piece in the middle on the south wall. The double pane window. Would you let me know if it’s still for sale?

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