rainbows can be black.

I have been making and selling my original art work for years.  Maybe considered one of the savvy.  Painting on glass is a gift, a talent and my heart.  The colors transform into a wonderlust of life inside the box. 

 My mother always said don’t let anyone paint your rainbow black.  You are you.  I took that as an invitation to create the unseen.  Creature’s that only existed in my mind.  Or so I thought.  Taking this reality of mine into others realities. 

I was a witchy little kid.  Getting in fights and if I I didn’t like something or someone they would know it.  Head strong and what can I say pissed off.  I would hear those princess stories as threats.  I was a princess once for Halloween because that’s what I thought little girls had to be.  When in all honesty I wanted to be the Ninja Turtle.  

I liked roaming the fields behind the house to the retention pounds.  Mesmerized by the life there and getting dirty.  My brother and I would play til the cows came home.  Which often meant due back by sun down. Dirty as. 

This is what fills my memories for art to be made.  I am one with a photographic memory of sorts. It stays.  I remember! But it’s not a pitching match.  I’m getting over the better than boys thing and it’s a process.  Thanks for listening;)

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