For the young at heart!

hood-rat I can’t wait till I am a grown up. Nobody took me aside and said look kid life is painful. They said it in a way that was peaches and cream. they being grown ups. The one I still think of is grandpa lee. He would tell stories that sent my imagination soaring. Ones about rapid gunfire wiz zing past his head… hurry duck for cover kid he would scream out. Grandpa lee would talk about the war, wrestling crocs and getting chomped on by a huge shark not to mention him flying into New Zealand from Australia in fog coming really close to hitting the side of the mountain. Same man that taught me run zig zag when you see an alligator Which later on my dad had to lay it to me softly and say it was the scar from getting his appendix out. Either way the stories he told were endless. It gave me something to think about and imagine happening. I always wore a costume and some say I still do! Find your inner child and tell me about it.

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