Holistic holiday bizarre Chicago

December 7th 2012 will be Sat Nam Yoga’s first Holiday Holistic Bizarre and we are excited! Karampal’s mission of Sat Nam Chicago is to bring balance love and life. Also to build a community of conscience people to find there yogi bodies. The Holiday Holistic bizarre will be holding at least 30 plus vendors that specializes in all types of things! The kundalini studio will also be doing raffles for free classes! Don’t miss a great opportunity to live with intention this holiday!
Just an idea of vendors!

All natural incense by My Insens
Arize Kombucha-local Kombucha
DoTerra-natural oils we can ingest
Holiday tea
Hand made bags
Jewlery and vintage clothing by
Low key sharp. corky fun and natural
Holiday cards- hand made
Photography and paintings – Erica Anne
Art- ponder lust ( Brittany Cortina )
Painting on glass – jesyjunkpockets

Cranial Sacral
Tarot readings

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